Face treatment cosmetology: The skin and its structure is observed, then the pertinent treatment is performed.

Acid fruit treatment: It is made up of different acids that help to stimulate cells and collagen.

                                                                              Peeling on mandelic, latic, salic and glicolic acid   
                                                                      Ideal to replenish the skin! Perfect for anti-aging skin care!!!

Acne treatment: Acne is developed throughout  adolescence and can last many years. There are different techniques to stop acne.

Radiofrequency treatment: A light wave and energy which cause an increase in temperature at the skin level, making collagen stimulate and obtaining a true rejuvenation.

Abrasive skin treatment: (diamond shaped bullet points, origin: USA), mechanical peeling which after some precise and light applications removes a thin layer of the skin.  

It is ideal to obtain a smooth and stainless skin.

Iontophoresis treatment:  (micro currents), a device which stimulates the collagen.

Face treatment for men: Men also need to cure and take care of their skin to keep it youth.

Corrective make-up: Make-up enables to enhance the skin appearance and correct skin imperfections.  

Scalp care: Circulatory, relaxing and purifying massage which help stimulate hair growth.