New Trends Cosmetology

Cosmetology studies the raw materials and active ingredients. These are mixed to produce a product or a preparation to be applied on the skin in order to brush up imperfections or keep the skin clean. The skin of a person is observed and then a preparation is made accordingly. This is called Cosmeceutics.

The goal of Cosmetology is to give the skin whatever it needs, thus improving the skin at best, says Norma Beatriz Munno, born in Argentina and Swiss citizen, who has worked as a cosmetologist for more than 10 years and collaborated with dermatologists, plactic surgeons and other professionals. She works currently in her Beauty and Cosmetology Center.

Nowadays, anti aging, anti skin, etc are the know words in Cosmetics. The important issue while fighting the signs of ageing are formulated products.  Every day the current Cosmetics, with new instruments and out-of-the-art devices help to maximize the precious active ingredients.

This together with a healthy and tasty nutrition and a fit lifestyle help to lose weight and stop ageing, not only that of the body skin but also of mind and soul.