My name is Norma Beatriz Munno and I was born 7.9.1967 in Buenos Aires, RA.

In 1986 I diplome in Bachiller.

In 1991 I had the opportunity to travel to Europe, and thus know the native country of my parents, Italy, where have been able to accumulate work experience, my extensive travel made that will last longer in Switzerland (Lugano), charming town where play my greatest experiences.

My career begun at Ospital School Bernardino Rivadavia and continued at  John F. Kennedy University, both located in Buenos Aires, where I specialised in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vooder System). I also improved my skills at CSTM School in Lugano, Swiss.

My specialty is Cosmetology and/or Skin care, supported by a deep knowledge in field and my search for natural active ingredients aimed at counteracting skin aging.

I apply a range of treatments as well as pharmacosmetic preparations.

I have gained work experience in Clinics specialized in Plastic Surgery Aesthetic and Dermatology, Luxury Hotels the High level, I currently work in the Spa Cruises.




Offer: I offer the best products and treatments to achieve the best results.

Use:  I use different methods, among them, my own treatments, where I apply my vast experience in field.

Action: I listen to clients' needs and apply the best solution for each client, developing a customised treatment.

                I've discovered a vast, magnificent and creative field in Antiaging.I train constantly and search for new techniques by attending international conferences and seminars in Argentinian, Brasil, Espain, Italy, Switzerland,ecc.

  I can say today that I feel Happy! have discovered in this world of Rejuvenation so creative, wonderful and perfect!

                         THANK YOU!!!

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology studies all natural resources and how they interact each other, resulting in the creation of a cosmetic preparation, analyses and tests the skin type and its features and then searches for a customised treatment. It is called "Cosmetologic Line".